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    Best way to connect a 1638 to a 3448 with a backup ring?

    stanoc New Member


      I have a client that will be getting a 3448 enhanced.

      Eth 0/1 will be on Time Warner Fiber 10mb up/dwn. ( used for primary ).

      Eth 0/2 will WindStream ethernet 1.5/mb. ( used for failover ).

      We are wanting to connect it to a 1638 switch.

      I was talking to a field engineer and he stated to use on of the switch ports on the 3448 and assign it an IP address. 

      I am confused I do not see where one can do this on the 3448 on one of the eight switch-ports.

      Am I missing something?

      What would be the most optimal way to connect the 1638 to the 3448 without losing failover capability?