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    Routing issues

    mojoman New Member

      We just ordered an MPLS circuit for integra. Our system routes are dell 6248 - Adtran 4430 - Cisco ---> cisco - Adtran 4430 - Dell 6248 switch.


      We are having the follow symptions.


      From our Dell 6248  we can ping the adtran 4430 on this side of the circuit with a few drop packets usually drops in 3 or four packets at a time, we continue this ping through the process listed below.  It appears that dell switch is routing working correctly. 

      From another window we ping through the circuit to that adtran on the other side.   We are able to ping for about 1-2 minutes, traceroute show that everything is working correctly.  Then we start dropping packets for a 9-10 minutes. traceroute shows route stopping at the adtran on this side; then  it starts sending packets for another 1-2 minutes.  This cycle seams to be continuous.


      We have flow control turned off on the Dell 6248


      Do anybody have an idea what could be happening or what might cause this type issue?


      Thanks in advance


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          It would be helpful to see the configuration of the Adtran devices in the network. (Please remember to remove any sensitive information) Based on what you are describing, I wouldn't think that this was a routing issue. I did have a couple of questions:


          1. When you said that the traceroute stops at the Adtran, are you seeing the Adtran hop or does it stop where you would expect to see the Adtran hop?

          2. Could you post the output to "show interface" from the relevant interfaces on the NetVanta 4430s?




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            I marked this post as "assumed answered," but please do not hesitate to reply if you have further questions.