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    HPPT HTTPS outgoing redirection to web appliance

    matge New Member


      i would like to know how to setup in NV3448, redirect traffic to web appliance :



      • Users make HTTP/HTTPS requests from their clients that are sent out to the LAN.
      • The router receives all network traffic and bounces all HTTP/HTTPS requests to the Web Appliance.
      • The Web Appliance assesses URLs, blocks disallowed requests, checks if allowed URL requests are currently cached, and passes URL requests that are not cached out to the LAN.
      • The router passes all HTTP/HTTPS requests from the Web Appliance out through the firewall to retrieve the URLs from the internet .
      • The Web Appliance receives the new pages or files and caches them; it passes the pages or files of allowed requests back to the users .
      • The users receive only safe and allowed pages and files or a notification page.