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    Can I create custom DHCP Options for Netvanta 2054

    tas New Member

      I need to configure the DHCP service with a custom vendor class and a custom vendor option to support a Mitel phone system. I need the following:


      1. Create Vendor Class "ipphone.mitel.com", labeled as "Mitel IP Phone Options".

      2. Create Option 43 as "Mitel Phone Config", data-type = string.

      3. Populate Option 43 in a scope with a string value such as "id:ipphone.mitel.com;sw_tftp=;call_srv=;vlan=4;l2p=6;dscp=56"


      Is it possible to do this with the 2054?


      I have attached a PDF which shows how to configure this with a Windows DHCP server.