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    Reject call based on CPID

    84mike New Member

      I would like to block an inbound call based on the calling party ID. Is there a simple way to do that? I have tried adding a "reject xxxxxxx" to the grouped-trunk, but that didn't seem to work. Thanks!



      voice trunk T26 type sip

        description "SIP Trunk"

        sip-server primary xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.com

        registrar primary xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.com

        outbound-proxy primary xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.com

        domain "xxxxxxxxxxx.com"

        codec-group 729-711

        default-ring-cadence internal



      voice grouped-trunk "SIP TRUNK GROUP"

        no description

        trunk T26

        accept $ cost 0

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          geo Employee

          Hello and thanks for posting to our forum.


          We do not have a method to screen or block incoming calls based on the caller id.  If there are only a couple of numbers you would like to block, you could create a couple of sip voice users that match the numbers you want to block.  When the call comes into the ADTRAN, the ADTRAN will return a busy signal as that sip voice user number exists but is not active.  This may or may not be the result you want.


          There is a little more discussion on this forum post: https://supportforums.adtran.com/message/5935#5935