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    Can't monitor ATLAS 890 with SNMP

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      I have inherited the task of maintaining an ATLAS 890. Awesome box, but I am still learning it. I am trying setup SNMP monitoring with little success.


      SNMP is set to "Enabled" under SNMP > SNMP Access

      Under SNMP communities, I have the IP address of the monitoring server and my community string. However when I try to snmpwalk the device I get the fallowing:


      root@univac:~# snmpwalk -v2c -c <community>
      Timeout: No Response from


      If I do a port scan from the same host (that should be allowed to access SNMP) I get open/filtered:


      Nmap scan report for

      Host is up (0.023s latency).

      Not shown: 995 closed ports

      PORT     STATE         SERVICE

      69/udp   open|filtered tftp

      161/udp  open|filtered snmp

      520/udp  open|filtered route

      1718/udp open|filtered h225gatedisc

      1719/udp open|filtered h323gatestat


      Anything special I have to do?





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          patrick Employee

          Thank you for your question.


          There isn't anything "special" that has to be configured in the ATLAS. The SNMP Access has to be ENABLED, and the SNMP COMMUNITIES has to be configured with the IP address, Priviledges, and community names for GET

          and SET (read community and write community names) for the device trying to access the SNMP (or MIB walk).


          Under SYSTEM CONFIG and EVENT LOGGING, you can set the SYSTEM CONTROLLER to INFO and then go to SYSTEM STATUS and view the EVENT LOG while doing the MIB walk. If there is an authentication error you will get an "SNMP Authentication Failure" event in the log. If there is an IP mismatch then no events will show in the log. (Also, if the MIB walk is successful, there are no events in the log.)


          Hope this helps,