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    Adrtan 830

    rolape New Member

      I have an Adtran 830 ISDN PRI. It can make a 384k call. Incomming calls to do not connect and the adtran does not show them coming in. The other caller can see it connecting to 64k and then drop the call. The adtran does not show the call coming in. Any suggestions?

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          patrick Employee

          Thank you for posting your question to the ADTRAN Support Forums.


          What are you looking at to see or not see the call on the PRI? I suggest you go to the SYSTEM CONFIG and the into EVENT LOGGING, and set the SWITCHBOARD, and ISDN EVENTS to INFO. You should also set the ISDN L2 FORMATTED events to INFO, but if you have a lot of traffic through the ATLAS this can fill the buffer very quickly.

          You can view these events under the SYSTEM STATUS, under the EVENT LOG. (You can clear the log by hitting <ENTER> on the CLEAR SYSTEM EVENT LOG under SYSTEM STATUS.)


          If there are no events showing in the EVENT LOG on an incoming call (with the ISDN L2 FORMATTED set to INFO) then the call is never reaching the ATLAS. If the call never reaches the ATLAS then there is nothing that can be done in the ATLAS to address the problem - as the problem will have to be addressed at the PRI provider to find out what happens to the call, and why it is not sent down the PRI toward the ATLAS.


          It may also be helpful to have an overview of your configuration. Since you mentioned a 384k call, I'm thinking you may be using the Video Module to connect to your end equipment.


          Let us know if anything shows up in the EVENT LOG.


          Thank you,


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              rolape New Member



              I appreciate you responding.

              We did look in the event log. We can watch an outgoing call but for an

              incoming call we see nothing. On the Config for the In#Accept, we just have a

              wild card and not the actual number. It use to work like that. Do we need to

              actually put in the number? We provide the ISDN PRI out of our phone switch.

              We were set up for a 4 digit dialing than got upgraded to include a 7 digit

              dialing. The user of the equipment does not know if the system stop taking

              incoming calls after our upgrade. Any suggestions? Our phone switch is an

              Avaya S8710

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                  patrick Employee

                  With a PRI to your phone switch, using a wild card is perfectly fine.


                  The issue is, that if the call never makes it to the ATLAS, then the ATLAS cannot route the call through to the Avaya. If you had the ISDN L2 FORMATTED messages set to INFO, and nothing shows up in the EVENT LOG on an inbound call, then you need to contact whoever is in charge of that inbound PRI to find out where the call is being routed, and why it is not making it to the ATLAS.