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    Atlas 830 with FXS Octal module, outgoing LD call reboots entire unit

    jscarpet New Member

      I have a PRI plugged into Atlas 830, and among other older type Async 232 and modem 16 cards we have two FXS octal modules. We are hangning a modem off one of the rj-11 ports of the FXS card to make a long distance call to obtain some data from a third party. When we attempt to make a call over this connection, it immediately reboots the entire Atlas box. I'm working with the owner of the circuit to ensure calling out over long distance is not causing the problem, but I figured someone here may know what could be causing the problem.


      Any help would be greatly apprecaited, thanks!

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          patrick Employee

          Thank you for using the ADTRAN Forums, but you have what sounds like a very unusual problem.


          Nothing in what you describe should cause a reboot. It sounds like there is a voltage or grounding issue with one of the modules. It's possible the FXS module may have a short

          Does the ATLAS reboot if you call from an FXS port to a local number? Can you call a long distance number if you connect your phone to the second FXS module? Can you move the FXS module to another slot (and modify the configuration to match) and place a call out to see if it reboots when in another slot?


          If the problem is isolated to the one FXS module then it will need to be repaired. If the FXS module works in other slots, then it is probably the backplane connector for that slot, and the chassis will need to be repaired.


          Hope this helps,