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    Migrating from 3448 to 4430

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      I'm migrating my 3448 EFP to a 4430 EFP due to needs of more VPN throughput.  I just ran into a snag in that the 3448 has an 8 port switch, and we have multiple VLAN's running on it.  I'm only using 2 ports on it though, so I feel like I should be able to get this 4430 configuration close.  My line of thinking is that I need to set the 2 Gigabit-Ethernet ports on the 4430 into 802.1q mode, and then create my VLAN's.  On the 3448, I had the ports in trunk mode connecting to the LAN switch.  I just wanted to see if there are any 'gotchas' I should be considering as I migrate this config to the 4430.


      Thanks in advance.

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          @wally - Thanks for posting your question on the forum!


          You can set any of the ethernet or gig-ethernet ports on the 4430 to be a trunk to a switchport already in trunk mode. You are on the right track with setting the encapsulation to 802.1q on one of the ports. There are two things you will want to keep in mind when doing this:


          1. AOS only supports 802.1q encapsulation when set to trunk. If you are using a NetVanta switch, this isn't a problem, but you will want to verify this is the encapsuation on any non-Adtran switches.


          2. Unlike on NetVanta switches, where the native VLAN is set to VLAN 1, you will need to set a native VLAN once you enable 802.1q encapsulation on an ethernet or gig-ethernet interface.


          Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any further questions.




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              @wally -

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