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    TA9XXe vs. Netvanta 6240

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      In stumbling around the Adtran site I came across an interesting device, the Netvanta 6240.  This appears to be a TA900e painted black for all practical purposes, but with modular memory (maybe the TA900e has that too in recent releases?)


      Other than the color, what's the difference?  Any features in one series lacking in the other?  Do they run the same code?  https://www.adtran.com/web/page/portal/Adtran/group/107

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            mtharris Employee

            The NetVanta 6240 is very similar to the TA 900e series but there are a few differences. 


            1. With the 6240 you are able to configure any of the T1 interfaces as voice T1 where as with the TA 900e it is only on ports 3 and 4.  You are still limited to the DSP resources you get with the 6240, either 30 or 60 depending on the model.


            2. In upcoming releases you will be able to use the 6240 for 30 or 60 T.38 fax sessions depending on the model you purchase where as the TA 900e is limited to 4 T,38 sessions.


            3. The 6240 is offered in a 2 FXO version and a 10 FXO version where as the TA 900e has 1 FXO built in and an 8 FXO version.

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