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    SIP Parser error    (Need help understanding)

    zero80 New Member

      Hi Everyone,


      I have a customer who has been experiencing some call issues recently. After checking everything obvious (and not finding an issue) I noticed the following in the Adtran event-history:


      2013.05.16 13:30:57 SIP.STACK ERROR  PARSER       SIP Parser Error : Missing NULL, line 1, column 91

      "Line TEL#HERE-1"<sip:TEL#HERE-1@;user=phone>;reason=user-busy;counter=1,

      "Line TEL#HERE-2"<sip:TEL#HERE-2@;user=phone>;reason=no-answer;counter=1


      TEL#HERE-1/2 = telephone number of our customer


      Brief description of issue:   Customer is reporting that sometimes outside callers are reporting the phone ringing 7-10 times before being answered.  Our customer says they only hear the phone ring once on their end and they pick up.


      The more I look at the error message above, the more I believe this is "the problem", I'm just not sure what the SIP parser error means, or what the line1 column 91 is referring to.  I have attempted to search for the answer, but so far no success.  I'm not positive if this error is due to the Adtran or the customer's PBX.   Can anyone point me in the right direction? It would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you.

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          Line 1 column 91 simply means the 91st character of the first line of the message.


          In the first line of the received SIP message, there should be a "null" (most likely whitespace) at column 91, the 91st character of the message.  If the errored line isn't shown in the event log, "debug sip stack messages" will show it.  This can get noisy on a busy box, you may need to capture the output to parse later if you can't replicate it.


          The TA900 isn't happy with the syntax of the SIP message as received and is flagging you that there was an incoming SIP message that it didn't understand and therefore didn't process.  You'll need to work with the other end (which can mean arguing over RFCs and the nuances of SIP depending on circumstances) to get it straightened out.


          Also check release notes for more recent firmware on the TA900 to see if this is a bug that was fixed.  You may need to open a case with Adtran support if you can't resolve it with the sending end, for example if they insist that their SIP messages are correctly formatted.

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            david Employee



            I believe I found a ticket that you worked on this issue through Technical Support at Adtran.  Was this issue related to having two Diversion headers in the SIP message?  In this scenario, R10.5.2 firmware is required.  Were you able to upgrade the unit to resolve the issue?  If not, please let us know within this post or through your Technical Support ticket so that we can help you get this resolved.