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    TA908e PRI to SIP can't dial out (New install)

    acejavelin New Member

      I am trying to install an Adtran TA 908e for the first time to provide PRI service into a Mitel 5000 PBX from Broadsoft SIP trunking service, we have inbound service working fine but calling out from the Mitel always fails and ISDN D-Channel diagnostics show the call is being rejected by the Adtran as "Unallocated or Unassigned number" no matter what number is dialed. I feel like I am really close on the configuration but am missing something. I have verified Outbound Call Templates are configured and active.


      This is a test bench system in our office, and we are the Broadsoft provider, just never done any trunking before. I think the SIP side (both Adtran and Broadsoft) are correct, just seems to be something missing. Can someone point me in the right direction?


      EDIT: added clean config