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    TA9xx - Elevator Hot Line

    lanceallison21 New Member

      Looking to see if anyone has configured a TA900 for an elevator line, normally we configure these on our Meta but it's not an option on SIP protocol.


      Customer picks up the line (fxs - pots) and dials a pre-determined number.

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          fiberman New Member

          We are about to try this same application, so I will let you know how it goes. Please if anyone else knows anything please respond.

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            jwable Frequent Visitor

            Here's a sample config snippet that should help you out:



            voice user 8001

              connect fxs 0/1

              first-name "Elevator"

              last-name "Elevator"

              password "1234"

              hotline 555-5512

              sip-authentication password "1234"


            The Hotline command tells the system to dial that number when phone goes off-hook.


            John Wable

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              geo Employee

              Hello and thanks for posting to our forum.


              This should work without a hitch on the TA9XXs.  Make sure you have the following configured:


              1. a dial plan entry that matches the hotline number (can be a wild card)

              2. a voice user with the hotline number listed

              3. a destination for the hotlined number to go (can be another voice user or through an accept in a grouped-trunk)


              Below is a config where is x8030 picks up,x8035 is dialed.


              voice dial-plan 5 extensions 803X


              voice user 8030

                connect fxs 0/1

                hotline 8035


              voice user 8035

              connect fxs 0/2


              Let us know if you have any questions. 




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                  fiberman New Member

                  Thank you both for your advice.


                  I was under the impression that a elevator line is just a regular phone line. I though the elevator has the hot line number programed inside of it. So the elevator takes the phone line off hook, and then dials the hotline number. In the configs provided above the elevator takes the line off hook, but then the Adtran dials the hot number right?


                  If I were to call the LEC, say Verizon or AT&T, and say I need elevator line installed would they ask me for the hotline number? I thought they would just deliver a regular POTS line.


                  I could see the hotline feature of the Adtran needed if you were using an old elevator with just a regular phone headset, but don't newer elevators program the hotline number directly into their elevator controls?

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                  geo Employee



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                    jayh Hall_of_Fame

                    Although the answers re hotline vs. autodialer-equipped phone are all very good from a technical point of view, from a safety standpoint be sure to think this through.


                    Elevator and alarm lines are needed to report unusual, emergency conditions.


                    Such a condition in the case of an elevator phone is a power outage.  Does the TA900 and all other gear associated with its connection back out to the telephone network (routers, modems, switches, etc.) have adequate backup power and are the backup batteries part of a rigorous inspection, testing, and maintenance program?


                    Or a fire.  What happens to the fire alarm line if the UPS powering the network closet catches fire?


                    Sometimes it's worth paying for one CO-powered plain old copper phone line.  You can share it between the elevator and the alarm with the proper RJ31X jack on the alarm system.