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    R10.5.2 on TA912 (2nd Gen) upgrade error

    jmt8287 New Member

      I just recently upgraded a TA912 from A2.06.00.E to R10.5.2 and ran into a problem with the current config not being recognized by the new source code.


      I had this config in my PRI


      interface pri 1

        isdn name-delivery proceeding

        calling-party number xxxxxxxxxx

        connect t1 0/2 tdm-group 1

        role network b-channel-restarts disable

        no shutdown


      but the "calling-party number" no longer exists in this firmware and I'm unable to find it anywhere else in the unit nor on this site. I was looking for the R10.5.2 command reference guide but all I could find is R10.8 which says it is in there. Is this possibly a flaw with R10.5.2? Has anyone had any luck with later versions of the firmware like R10.8.



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          jwable Frequent Visitor


              It is there on 10.7.0 but confirmed not there on 10.5.2 interesting thing is if you do a show run verbose on 10.5.2 it shows the configurations for calling party but you cant type them.  So 10.7.0 has what you need.



          John Wable

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            geo Employee

            Hello and thank you for posting to our forum.


            That command has been removed and is no longer available.  The Command Reference Guide may not have the command removed yet.  Going forward, the Calling Party Number can be set on the Voice Trunk (Trunk Account) associated with the PRI.


            caller-id-override number-inbound <NUMBER> 

            caller-id-override number-inbound <NUMBER> if-no-cpn


            Here you can set the Calling Party Number for all calls (top line) or if there is no Calling Party Number sent to the ADTRAN (bottom line).


            Let me know if you have any questions.