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    908e - SIP Trunk to PRI

    dreman New Member

      I am missing something obvious, but obvious enough to escape me...  I am able to place calls from a JDSU PRI meter attached to an Adtran 908e, through the SIP trunk to the switch just fine.  However, my issue is getting the call from the switch, through the SIP trunk, to the PRI interface and terminating the call at the JDSU meter.  The Adtran 908e returns a 404 Not Found to the switch.


      Config is attached with the important information "XXX" out.


      Thank you in advance for your superior knowledge!

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          jwable Frequent Visitor


              Add the incoming numbers to the voice grouped-trunk PRI instead of doing an accept anything.  Having both trunks set to accept anything does not give one trunk a preference over the other for routing the call from one trunk to another.  See example below to allow calls in from 555-555-5550 through 555-555-5559:

          voice grouped-trunk PRI

            no description

            trunk T01

          accept 555-555-555X cost 0


          If that does not help please provide the following debug outputs for a failed call:

          show sip trunk-registration

          show int PRI 1

          debug voice switchboard

          debug sip stack messages

          debug isdn l2-formatted



          John Wable

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              dreman New Member

              Thank you John.


              I appreciate your response.


              I did get Adtran Tech Support on the line and they have assisted.  It was my configuration and how the SIP trunk was talking back to my ACME's.  Replaced the name of the location with the actual IP Address and the calls flow as expected.


              Thank you for your input.

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                jwable Frequent Visitor


                    I forgot to add the following, in your config you have tdm-group 11 in you pri interface but the t1 interface is tdm-group 1, and add the proper digits transfered to the pri interface.:


                interface pri 1

                  description PRI to customer

                  isdn name-delivery setup

                  connect t1 0/3 tdm-group 1

                  digits-transferred 7


                John Wable