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    Bandwidth Throttling on NetVanta 4430

    wally New Member

      I have created a QoS map to limit bandwidth via an ACL with the intent of limiting a backup job that runs across the VPN to 20 Mbps, otherwise it sucks up all available bandwidth.  When I try to apply this map as the outbound policy on the Subinterface that is part of the VPN, I get the following error:


      "Can not set a qos map which requires bandwidth to this sub interface. "


      I tried to get cute and make the map a child of a different map I use to prioritize VoIP - but that didn't work.  I tried applying the map to the giga-eth0/1 interface (sub interface is giga-eth0/1.1), and it will take it - but I get no hits on it.  What am I missing?


      Thanks in advance.