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    Adtran 924e working with Avaya G650 and TDM Switch

    jimd New Member

      Issue under developement:  Current configuration is a standard channelized T-1 providing 12 FXS ports feeding Norstar KeySystem.  We are upgrading network and installing a TA924E through Verizon.  Service will remain analog on the remote side location.  Main locations is an Avaya TDM switch using G650 w/CLAN  interface.  Looking for programming assistance with Avaya if possible, we have a working model of the 924e with other systems.

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          jimd New Member

          This has not been answered.. if anyone has an answer, please let us know.

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            jayh Hall_of_Fame

            You haven't given enough information which may be why you haven't received a useful answer.


            G650 is an Avaya model number for a chassis that can be configured with a variety of modules.


            CLAN is Avaya's acronym for "Customer LAN".  This is how the PBX interfaces with workstations in a call center for screen pops and the like.  It may or may not have anything to do with the voice path, especially for a remote TDM location.


            So, on the Avaya side, are you looking to connect a TA924e to provide PSTN access to the Avaya, to connect it to the remote site via the existing channelized T1, to connect it via IP, or what?


            You are "installing a 924e through Verizon".  Where?  To what will it connect? Will you manage it or will Verizon?


            Perhaps a sketch or Visio of the way things are now and the exact problem that you are trying to solve will help the community make recommendations.  Even a back-of-the-napkin drawing would be useful.


            Much more detail on the specific problem you're trying to solve, as well as specifics on how you intend to connect to the G650, and on what type of module within it, would be really helpful.

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              jimd New Member



              Have new twist to this...Found thet Avaya will not provie SIP...CM 4.0.  Have to up grade to CM6.?  for this to happen.  Alternative is to provide service as MGCP.  Same question  as above.


              Verizon is the carrier that is installing the equiment (924e), but the telephone extensions are private, provide by office switch (Avaya 8750 with G650).  Below is a diagram of our basic design ADTRAN Network View.jpg

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                  jayh Hall_of_Fame

                  Wow, I'm seeing more and more posts where Verizon or some other carrier is installing and supposedly maintaining Adtran gear and leaving the customer trying to sort out its configuration.  This is new and somewhat foreign to me.  If they're installing and maintaining it and responsible for it, shouldn't they be configuring it as well?


                  But I digress...


                  I'm not really sure what you are trying to do at the remote sites.  If the plan is to eliminate local phone service and have them use the MPLS network back to HQ, then you are on the right track with the diagram but probably want to consider a few things...

                  • When a remote user dials 9-1-1 how will the call route to their local PSAP and where does the ambulance go? 
                  • Can someone in the remote site's home town call them as a local call?  (Employee's family member, for example)


                  This scenario would be well handled by a hosted PBX type scenario.  [Shameless plug:  Impulse does this.]


                  You have several options...


                  MGCP throughout:


                  The TA900 series will do MGCP, so you could stick with that, but MGCP is fading, kind of like keeping Novell IPX or Appletalk in an IP world.


                  Keep MGCP on Avaya, SIP towards MPLS:


                  See the layer 3 switch in the drawing between VLAN 2121 and the MPLS router?  Replace it with a TA908e.  Configure one ethernet port as an MGCP trunk facing the Avaya and the other as SIP facing MPLS.


                  Pick it off as TDM at HQ:

                  If you have a spare PRI port on the Avaya, connect it to a TA908e at HQ, and let it do SIP towards the MPLS cloud.

                  If you don't, and the cloud marked "Telephone provider" is a PRI, insert a TA908e between the PRI and the Avaya.  Configure one PRI facing the provider as role user and one towards the Avaya as role network.  Set up a trunk code on the Avaya toward the PRI for extension dialing to the remote sites.  Route those calls toward the remotes as SIP. 

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                      jimd New Member



                      Thanks for the information, but we are stuck with what we have.  No PRI's can

                      be pulled from the Avaya Switch, replacing the VLAN with 908's is not good, I

                      have 180 extensions to deal with (15 site).  E911, not an issue at the moment.

                      All calls routed to central location from the Avaya as a extension of the



                      The option of SIP on the Avaya is an options, a $1.5M telephone switch



                      Looking for programing information if possible, I finally have a manual for

                      the Total Access 900 series that addresses programming.  (attached).

                      Hopefully will pull something out of this.

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                          jayh Hall_of_Fame

                          In that case your best bet is probably going to be to configure the remote TA900s to use MGCP to communicate with the Avaya.  This should work fine and cost nothing other than your time to program.  I definitely wouldn't throw that kind of money at the Avaya switch.


                          MGCP is supported on the TA900 so this should work for you. 


                          How many simultaneous calls do you anticipate to all of the remote sites combined? 

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                              jimd New Member



                              Received documentation back from Verizon where they do not think this will work, although we would like to try it.  From an ADTRAN configuration guide  MGCP in AOS dated OCt 2011, they reference page 5 concerning endpoints.




                              "All endpoints and other resources alocated to MGCP, with the exception of digitial signal processing (DSP) resources, will not be shared.  MGCP configuration requires the allocation of FXS endpoints dedicated to MGCP, so FXS ports are not aavailable for switched call processing.  If the FXS ports are alreay connected to a voice user, attempting to connect those ports to an MGCP end point will fail.".


                              The FXS ports on the Adtran 924 are assigned a specific phone number, so unless I am not understanding this, it is not a shared resources, but dedicated to a single number.  I would understand if the FXS ports were a shared resources, as in twice as many telephone numbers to fxs ports and configuration back to the telephone switch (sharing transport path on connection), but we are talking about a dedicated port allocation on the 924e.


                              Your or anyone's thoughs on this.