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    Prioritize traffic by IP?

    paul_k New Member

      Simple setup - NO VoIP traffic - but limited bandwidth to the internet.


      The problem is that there is data replication that occurs and can consume all the outbound bandwidth; this impacts the performance of the Terminal Server that is being accessed.


      For discussion purposes lets assume:


      Adtran 3430

      Terminal Server:

      Data Replicator:




      Is there a way to prioritize outbound data via IP address?  Either place all traffic from the Terminal Server first or by placing the data outbound from the Replicator last?





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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          Terminal server is typically real-time interactive so priority queueing is probably the best choice here.


          First, mark the packets appropriately.


          ip access-list standard termserv-mark-list

            permit host


          !Alternatively you could use an extended list and match on the port and protocol for terminal services regardless of IP which would work for terminal server traffic should your workstations be DHCP or addresses change.


          qos map outbound-map 10

            match list termserv-mark-list

            priority percent 25

          ! limit the priority queue to something reasonable in terms of absolute bandwidth or percentage

            set dscp ef

          ! upstream devices may honor dscp, doesn't hurt.


          qos map outbound-map 20

            match any

            set dscp 0

          ! set outbound dscp to default for all other traffic

          Then apply the map to your outbound interface.

          interface eth 0/1

          ! this should be the outbound interface

          bandwidth 10000

          ! specify actual outbound bandwidth

          qos policy out outbound-map

          ! rest of interface configuration here

          Be aware that this only works for outbound traffic, if inbound bandwidth is saturated with undesired traffic such as bulk downloads it won't help mitigate it.

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