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    DNS failure after a few weeks - R10.5.3

    jayh Hall_of_Fame

      Has anyone else seen this?  It looks like a bug, and I have a support case open #1538773.  The unit stopped checking in to our N-Command system and throwing CLI errors like:


      2013.09.05 16:00:02 HTTP_CLIENT Could not resolve hostname auburn.impulse.net


      The unit had no hosts in its hosts table. 


      #sh hosts

      Name/address lookup uses domain name service

      DNS Proxy is disabled

      Default domain is impulse.net

      Current DNS client server is

      Current DNS proxy server is

      Name servers are,,

      There are currently no hosts



      Type CTRL+C to abort.

      Legend: '!' = Success, '?' = Unknown host, '$' = Invalid host address

              '*' = Request timed out, '-' = Destination host unreachable

              'x' = TTL expired in transit, 'e' = Unknown error


      Sending 5, 100-byte ICMP Echos to, timeout is 2 seconds:


      Success rate is 100 percent (5/5), round-trip min/avg/max = 12/12/13 ms




      #debug dns-client

      14:53:49.664 DNS.CLIENT handleResponseError: request(Id(1493),

      question(auburn.impulse.net), type(A), alias()): error(timeout)

      14:53:49.664 DNS.CLIENT handleResponseError: retry new request to with name auburn.impulse.net

      14:53:49.665 DNS.CLIENT Tx: request(Id(7952),

      question(auburn.impulse.net), type(A), alias()) to server

      ::FFFF: | packet sent

      14:53:49.665 DNS.CLIENT handleResponseError: discarding request for



      Note that it is trying to connect to ::FFFF:


      Configured no ipv6 unicast-routing and that didn't fix it. I will reboot the box tonight after hours to see if that fixes it.