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    Help configuring TA916e for PRI to SIP

    hari New Member

      Seeing this message when the calls are coming over PRI

      07:48:28.500 TM.T01 0 Cannot accept calls - trunk being configured or trunk full

      The trunk is not getting configured and is not full either (getting this message for all the calls)


      interface t1 0/3

        description PRI

        tdm-group 1 timeslots 1-24 speed 64

        no shutdown


      interface pri 1

        description pri 1

        role user b-channel-restarts enable

        connect t1 0/3 tdm-group 1

        no shutdown


      voice trunk T01 type isdn

        description "PRI2Asterisk"

        resource-selection linear ascending

        connect isdn-group 1


        rtp delay-mode adaptive


      voice trunk T02 type sip

        description "SIP2Asterisk"

        sip-server primary

        registrar primary

        codec-list Trunk both


      isdn-group 1

        connect pri 1