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    Amplified speaker for 712 phone

    3l3mn8r New Member

      12_phone speakerI have a customer with an Netvanta 7100 and a 712 phone that they use as a

      conference type phone.  I am trying to find out if there is some way I can

      connect an external speaker (amplified) to produce a louder conference.  The mic

      is fine but many around the table cannot hear the incoming callers over the

      speaker on the 712. Any ideas or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          While it is certainly possible to open the phone and solder wires from the speaker to an external amplifier I would recommend against it. 


          High-quality speakerphones are a combination of electronic, acoustic, and mechanical engineering working together.  One of the key features of good performance is the reduction of coupling from the far-end caller back into the microphone(s).  An external amplifier and speaker will drastically alter the phase, direction, and level of the far-end caller as received by the microphone of the speakerphone, resulting in echo, feedback, and generally bad performance.


          Spend the bucks for a well-designed conference room phone such as the Polycom Soundstation 5000 or similar. 

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            jay Employee

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