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    CAS to FXS

    tazz29063 New Member

      Can u route a call from a CAS input to a FXS port. Example; I would like to take the CAS input, which is call logging output and connect a analog voice logger through the FXS ports.

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          You can most definitely place a call from a CAS trunk to a voice user built to an FXS port.  To the best of my knowledge you can't use an FXS port as a bridge-tap to monitor a call between a CAS trunk and another endpoint.


          You might be able to use the hotline feature to nail a call up. 


          It sounds like a channel bank may be your best solution here. 

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              tazz29063 New Member

              I'm using a Adtran TA750 now.In DPO mode I was trying to replace the 750 with the TA900 function since we do not use the Analog side of the TA900. I'll give the hotline a try

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              burgermeister Employee



              For simple T1/CAS to FXS (Analog to digital conversion/Dedicated Maps) you can use our Total Access 850 Modular Channel Bank/IAD, or the Total Access 600 Series Fixed-Port Channel-Banks/IAD's.  However, if you're looking for intelligent call switching (or routing T1/CAS to FXS via a Dial Plan), you'd want to look at our ATLAS 550 product.

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                david Employee



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