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    VPN for Dummies

    ckwill90 New Member

      I am very new to the Adtran community. Our site was using a Cisco Pix for many years until it died late last week. I am not a security person so I hired someone to rush out and replace our Pix. They brought a NetVanta 3430 and configured it for me. Because I obviously know very little I'm struggling with the VPN for our organization. I was hoping someone would be kind enough to explain some things to me. The vendor who configured our NetVanta also configured VPN. They said I can use Shrew Soft to connect. My question is should I setup a remote ID for each person needing to VPN? If so, I'm a little confused as to the PSK. It says to use the password known on both sides of the VPN tunnel. Is this different for each remote user? Where else does this PSK appear? I would also like to setup VPN access for a few of our outside vendors. Again, do I setup a remote ID for our vendor? Is there a way to only give them access to one IP on the network? What about authentication? TIA to anyone who takes the time to answer my noob questions!!!

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          Some useful info on the Shrew site:  Howto Adtran - Shrew Soft Inc

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            You should use a seperate PSK for each user, but using the same is possible.

            Each user will require a unique remote id. 

            For your vendor, you will need to create a separate VPN so that you can apply a different traffic selector that includes only the desired destination IP address for the vendor.


            The Howto document posted by jayh will be helpful.  The newest version of Shrew Soft client has nice features such as auto-reconnect. 

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                ckwill90 New Member

                Thank you for the clarification. That really helps a lot. I did review the information on Shrew Soft's site before I posted here but I was still a little confused. Now that I know which direction to go I think I will be able to muddle through it. Thanks to you both for your replies!

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