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    route-map issue on 4430

    wes.carper New Member

      So I am having an issue with using route map to direct traffic on an interface that uses NAT to send other traffic outbound to the internet.  A brief description:


      On the 4430 gig 0/2 is divided into 2 sub interfaces.  0/2.1 is on VLAN 38 and is an Internet VLAN.  0/2.2 is VLAN 172 and is a private WAN connection through a Metro Ethernet switched network from the provider.  Eth 0/1 is divided into subinterfaces for the main site data network and voip network VLAN 10 and 20 respectively.  Gig 0/1 is a DMZ interface for the customer's Data firewall.  Only traffic from the VOIP networks will have NAT Performed on the Netvanta.  All other traffic will pass through the customer's firewall and then out the VLAN 38 (gig 0/2.1) interface of the Netvanta.


      Where I am running into a problem is at the remote sites.  I have a single LAN VLAN with 2 subnets connected with Netvanta 3120's.  The data subnet for example is and the VOIP is  I have a working route map by selecting the traffic in an access list from the data network and setting the next hop to the address of the customer firewall on the Gig 0/2.2 interface of the 4430.  This allows both the voice and data to proceed in the correct directions.  Where the problem lies is that when I apply the Private policy class to the gig 0/2.2 interface to NAT the voice traffic towards the gig 0/2.1 interface, it breaks the route map. I have modified the ACL for NAT to only apply to traffic from the VOIP subnets.  Below is a network diagram.  It's not very readable but maybe it will help.  Is it possible on the Netvanta to NAT and route map on the same interface?