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    Need help with a design - Fiber Ethenet, point-to-point

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      Hi Adtran Group.  I have a Project that I need a bit help with.  I have a customer with Two Locations.  They will be Adding a third locations.


      Site A - Main Locations - They have 1 Fiber/Ethernet connection and a T1 P-2-P connection.
      Site B - Remote Locations - They have 1 Ethernet connection and a T1 P-2-P connection.


      I've attached a diagram.


      Here is what I'm trying to accomplish.  By default - All Voice Traffic between the office will go across the P-2-P T1 connections.
      All Data traffic goes through the VPN.


      If either internet goes down, which will cause the VPN to goes down, all traffic between office and internet traffic will goes through the P-2-P on top of the current Voice Traffic.
      If the internet/VPN goes back up, it should fall back to the default state.


      If the P-2-P goes down, all phone traffic will route through the VPN.  Basically a full redundant with interesting traffic.  Hope that make sense.


      When I add a third location, does anyone see any problems or obstacle that I should be aware of?


      Customer is currently using an Allworx system.


      We will be installing a 3448 POE with EFP and a 1238 POE at all locations.


      Here are a few things that makes it even harder.  If I can, I would like to allow the customer to keep their existing sonic wall (for security reason).  Is this asking too much?

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          The short answer:  Yes, you can do all of this.


          The long answer:  It's a complex setup and to be somewhat blunt you should probably learn how to set it up yourself (having customers pay you for your own education is awesome if you can pull it off).  If you have the gear and can simulate it in a lab scenario ahead of time this would be great. 


          When you get it close to working in a lab scenario and are stuck, then post here with configuration and specifics.


          If this isn't practical, you might consider hiring someone to design it and have that person around both for adds/moves/changes and to fix it if something goes wrong. 


          FWIW, I would avoid if at all possible running VoIP through SonicWalls based on past experience.  It mostly works but there are strange random failures that will drive you up the wall.