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    show sip trunk-registration

    touristsis Visitor

      Hi,  I'm new to the Adtran Gateway.  I'm trying to get a sip trunk to register.  when I run a show sip trunk-registration this is what I'm getting

      There are no matching registrations available.

      Can anyone lead me in the right direction?


      How can I force a sip trunk to register?


      interface eth 0/1

        ip address  XX.XX.XX.XX

        access-policy Private

        media-gateway ip primary

        no shutdown


      interface eth 0/2

        ip address  XX.XX.XX.XX

        access-policy WAN1

        media-gateway ip primary

        no shutdown


      ip access-list standard nat

        permit any


      ip access-list extended admin

        remark admin access

        permit tcp any  any eq https   log

        permit tcp any  any eq ssh   log

        permit tcp any  any eq ftp   log

        permit tcp any  any eq echo   log


      ip access-list extended SIP

        remark SIP

        permit udp hostname bsip.bestline.net  any eq 5060  


      ip policy-class Private

        nat source list nat interface eth 0/2 overload


      ip policy-class WAN1

        allow list admin

        allow list SIP


      ip route XX.XX.XX.XX


      no ip tftp server

      no ip tftp server overwrite

      ip http server

      ip http secure-server

      no ip snmp agent

      no ip ftp server

      no ip scp server

      no ip sntp server


      ip sip

      ip sip udp 5060

      no ip sip tcp


      voice feature-mode network

      voice forward-mode network


      voice codec-list "g729 first"


        codec g729

        codec g711ulaw


      voice trunk T10 type sip

        description "testsip"

        sip-server primary TESTSIP.NET

        outbound-proxy primary testsip.net

        authentication username "xxxxxxxx" password encrypted "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

        max-number-calls 3

        codec-group "g729 first"


      voice grouped-trunk "SIP TRUNK GROUP"

        trunk T10

        accept NXX-XXX-XXXX cost 0

        accept 1-NXX-XXX-XXXX cost 0

        accept 911 cost 0

        reject NXX-976-XXXX

        reject 1-900-NXX-XXXX

        reject 1-976-NXX-XXXX

        reject 1-246-NXX-XXXX


      ip sip registrar

        • Re: show sip trunk-registration
          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          Are you trying to register to testsip.net or to bsip.bestline.net ?   Your ACL permits the hostname bsip.bestline.net  but your registration is to testsip.net.

          You also may need to allow the WAN to communicate with the Adtran itself both for SIP and RTP. 

          ip access-list extended allow-udp

            permit udp any any

          ip policy-class WAN1

            allow list admin

            allow list SIP

            allow list allow-udp self

          I generally find it beneficial to allow all traffic to self from the WAN, then use access-lists separately for administration and SIP applied to the protocols but this way should work.


          "debug sip stack messages" as well as "debug firewall" may be useful.