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    Pri to PBX CID

    tazz29063 New Member

      On the TA908e, need to pass off to PBX, Caller ID, Caller Name, Re-directed number. According to the PBX, its only sees the Caller ID. I changed "caller party options", but nothing is changes. Is there another option?

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          david Employee



          Thanks for posting!  All three of the things you mention are automatically applied to the PRI side of the unit.  The Calling Party is taken from the user portion of the SIP From header.  The Diversion header, if present, equates to the PRI Redirecting number.  The caller ID name is also taken from the From header.  However, the calling party name can be presented on the PRI in three different ways, depending the method required by the PBX.  Below are the three options.


          (config)#interface pri 1

          (config-pri 1)#isdn name-delivery

          display                - Deliver calling party name in setup msg (Display IE)

          proceeding             - Deliver calling party name after proceeding msg

          setup                  - Deliver calling party name in setup msg (Facility IE)


          If I do not know the method the PBX prefers, I just place a test call after configuring each of the three options.  If you want to check for this information within the SIP messages or on the D channel, you can enable the following debug commands prior to placing your test calls.


          debug sip stack message

          debug isdn L2-formatted


          Feel free to this post if you have an update or any further questions.