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    No external clock

    cskoeshall New Member

      Greetings, I'm new to this community and would greatly appreciate anyone's insight into the issue I'm experiencing.

      I'm using an Atlas 890 in a secure ISDN video conferencing environment which involves type 1 encryptors. I'm using the T1 and dual video modules to accept circuits and break them out into 530/366 signaling. Originally, I converted the 530/366 signaling to fiber to extend to a nearby space, converted 530/366 back to copper to interface with encryptors, dial isolators, and then a serial gateway. The copper/fiber converters were posing a strange issue where establishing an outbound call at 384kbps wasn't possible even though I could call all other rates between 128 thru 512kbps. The decision was made to relocate the Atlas 890 so that the copper/fiber converters were removed from the signal chain. Now, the Atlas 890 interfaces directly with encryptors and dial isolators to the serial gateway. I've had to extend my circuit patch cords to the new Atlas 890 location only by 55ft. For some reason, I show D-channels active on my circuits but no external clock in the video module DTE status. In the previous configuration, I did have external clock. No software configurations have been made, only physical relocation.

      I appreciate anyone's insight. Let me know if more details are needed.

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          cskoeshall New Member

          Update: I learned you don't need EC up in DTE status on the video modules to conduct calls. The issue was resolved simply because during the relocation, circuit patch cords were flipped around and didn't match the DID associated with the T1 port. I'm now able to call out at any rate. Strangely though, I'm having issues with my dial isolators (CISSecure DTD-DIAL-04). Before relocating the Adtran, I was able to call using the DIs. Now, when calling outbound, no messaging on the Adtran registers in the event log. I'm reaching out to CISSecure for technical support but if anyone has ideas, I'm open to suggestions.

          Thank you.