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    False Positive Emergency Email Alerts

    acasariego New Member

      Total Access 908e (2nd Gen) Single DSP

      Primary Firmware: T900E2A-A5-02-00-E.biz

      I'm getting false positive emergency email alerts with the subjects "Emergency Call to 91", "Emergency Call to 9", "Emergency Call to ", and "Emergency Call to prompt-404".

      The calls were placed from 2 analog extensions. One is used as a fax and the other as a phone.

      Any ideas why an email alert is being triggered by a partial match, blank, or 404 error?

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          david Employee

          Mr. Casariego,


          Thanks for posting!  The dial plan works with a "best match" algorithm.  Also, there is a standard '911' dial plan entry for emergency calls, so it appears we have a few things seeing this as the best match.  We can at least eliminate the first two examples regarding '91' and '9' matching as emergency calls by adding the following to your configuration.


          voice timeouts named-digit-timeout long_wait 16


          voice dial-plan 20 extensions 9 long_wait

          voice dial-plan 21 extensions 91 long_wait


          This may also clear up the latter two examples you mention.  If if does not clear up those issues, we will likely need more details about why types of call flow trigger these events.  If you capture the following debug output leading up to these events, we should be able to isolate the issue.


          debug sip stack message

          debug voice verbose

          debug interface fxs