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    Add VLAN to 4430

    flyfishin4trout New Member

      I have read through the doc and such and I dont see an option for VLAN on the data tab of the web interface. Id like to add vlan 5 for We have 3 vlans existing but I didnt add those. Thanks

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          vmaxdawg05 Past_Featured_Member

          If you enable encapsulation on a given Ethernet interface, you can create sub interfaces and assign a VLAN ID.

          I find it much easier in the CLI.  Not sure if it even possible from the Web GUI.


          This example uses Ethernet 0/1, but it should apply to the gigabit module ports as well.  I haven't actually programmed a 4430, but I know this is how VLANs are done on ethernet ports in the NetVanta.  I've done it with the 3430 models.  I hope this is what you are looking for.


          interface Ethernet 0/1

          encapsulation 802.1q

          no shutdown


          interface Ethernet 0/1.5

          vlan-id 5

          ip address

          no shutdown


          interface Ethernet 0/1.1

          vlan-id 1 native

          ip address

          no shutdown