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    Call waiting doesn't work on TA908

    luke_shelton New Member

      We have a 908 in production and the call waiting is not working.  When someone is on the phone and another call comes in, the customer hits "flash" on their phone and it goes to dead air.  The weird thing is from the callers perspective the phone keeps ringing.  Any suggestions?

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          ftwrobert New Member

          Would you be able to provide a SIP packet capture? A description of the over-all SIP connectivity would help as well.


          The TA900's can be programmed to provide call waiting it's self, or can let the switch handle the service.


          Switch Controlled flash-hook:

          (config)# voice flashhook mode transparent


          TA900 controlled flash-hook

          (config)# voice flashhook mode interpreted
          (config)# voice call-appearance-mode multiple
          (config)# voice conferencing-mode local


          In our setup, we have opted to use the TA900 controlled flash-hook while providing two SIP trunk's to each voice user.