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    intra-NV3448 proxy failover

    royh New Member

      I have a NV3448 running R10.9.1.E in SIP transparent proxy mode.  What I would like to set up is if the WAN link or the SIP server fails that calls between the individual phones that are connected to the NV3448 will succeed and calls to other DNs will fail.  I see where I can set this up with a backup link (e.g., FXO) or SIP server, but I am interested where neither of those exist.  This is strictly to allow calls between phones that are connected to the NV3448 to succeed.


      Is there a way to do this?



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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          Not to my knowledge in transparent proxy mode.  You may be able to do so in a non-transparent mode where the phones register to the Adtran unit and then to the remote SIP server.  This doesn't scale very well for moves/adds/changes because the SIP credentials for every phone need to be entered on both the Adtran unit and the SIP server.

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