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      I am currently trying to figure out where in the SIP message does it indicate whether to send caller id or not. Is there some sort of legend out there that defines what each line is in a SIP STACK message. I tried to look for documents but couldn't find much.

          cwallace New Member

          The example debug was a VQM report and not a SIP INVITE and is not a good example to work from.

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            jayh Hall_of_Fame

            You've listed an ISDN debug and not SIP.  If present, it would be part of Information Element 6C - Calling Party # in the Setup message. Format as follows:


            IE Field: Presentation indicator (CGPN)

            bits 7 6        Screening indicator

            0 0     Presentation allowed

            0 1     Presentation restricted

            1 0     Number not available

            1 1     Reserved

            IE Field: Screening indicator (CGPN)

            bits 2 1        Screening indicator

            0 0     User-provided, not screened

            0 1     User-provided, verified and passed

            1 0     User-provided, verified and failed

            1 1     Network provided


            This would show in your debug, so your PBX isn't specifying any restrictions in the example provided.


            12:32:20.390 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  2     IE - 6C CALLING PARTY #     Len=11

            12:32:20.390 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  2          80 Numb. Type:UNKNOWN      

            12:32:20.390 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  2             Numb. Plan:UNKNOWN       

            12:32:20.390 ISDN.L2_FMT PRI  2             Ph.# 2393334897

            80 Presentation:ALLOWED
                                                                                 Screening:USER PROVIDED


            On a call without blocked caller-ID where the originating number is specified by the PBX it would appear as shown in bold italics above.  This is an optional field so it isn't required to be there. 


            In the SIP world, it is done with a privacy flag in the INVITE. 


            What is the problem that you're trying to solve?

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              apenichet New Member

              Was finally able to figure out my problem. Since I preferred using the old ver 5.0.3 on the 900 series. With the trusted-domain turned on in the SIP TRUNK T01 for some reason on incoming calls the Adtran was adding quotes to the CNAME which was causing the PBX to reject the calls. Once I went to the R10.3 it cleared up the issue. Unfortunately with this firmware we lost allot of the GUI features.