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    How to add 5-digit prefix for all SIP trunk calls - TA904

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      I'm new to Adtran products and AOS... still learning the ropes so any help would be appreciated.


      Currently I am building my config and testing in a lab environment where I have time and flexibility before I waste the providers time during the interop / turn-up phase. Once I am comfortable with the setup I will modify the SIP portion of the config to match the provider and put the TA 904 into production.


      I am using a Total Access 904 2nd Gen to translate a legacy PBX with a single ISDN PRI interface to SIP trunks with our provider over ethernet.

      I also plan on moving our single fax machine off our PBX and onto one of the analog interfaces of the TA904 in order for T.38 to work properly (this is what Adtran pre-sales told me to do).

      Firmware version is R10.9.2


      The SIP trunk provider requires that ALL calls are prefixed with a 5-digit code in order for them to tie our calls to a certain physical exchange / location in their billing system. This goes for local, LD and international calls.


      For example, if our billing code is 12345 and a user dials 212-555-6666 from their phone, the Adtran should receive a call over the PRI interface for 212-555-6666 but dial 12345212-555-6666 via the SIP trunk to the provider / PSTN. I'm not aware of any special characters, pauses, etc. that need to be inserted after the 5-digit code. The same should apply to calls made from the analog ports on the Adtran (i.e. fax machine).



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          I finally stumbled upon the correct configuration guide which showed me exactly what I need. Simply use the "DNIS Substitution" feature. I thought this feature would only work with inbound calls not outbound...I was wrong.


          It is applied at the SIP Trunk account level and it successfully adds the 5-digit account code for both calls from the PRI and from the analog station ports on the TA904.


          Refer to this:


          Custom Trunk Group Access Configuration Guide


          Custom Trunk Group Access Configuration Guide




          Trunks > Trunk Accounts > (click on the appropriate SIP trunk name) > DNIS Substitution (tab)


          Match Number:          NXX-NXX-XXXX

          Substitution Number:   12345-NXX-NXX-XXXX





          voice trunk T01 type sip

            description "your SIP trunk"

            match dnis "NXX-NXX-XXXX" substitute "12345-NXX-NXX-XXXX"

            match dnis " 1-NXX-NXX-XXXX" substitute " 12345-1-NXX-NXX-XXXX "

            match dnis "011-$" substitute "12345-011-$"

            match dnis "911" substitute "12345-911"