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    Firmware upgrades for Total Access 900 series equipment

    deepbluetech New Member

      I am currently trying to figure out issues we have with some of our ADTRAN 900 series devices at an apartment complex that we administer, and I noticed a lot of these devices have really old software. Im wondering if I have to upgrade the devices to each new firmware that has come out, or if I can just bypass straight to the newest version. We are using mostly 2nd generations, but 1st gens are also scattered through.


      Firmware that we currently have in place:






      Thanks for any help!

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          For the most part you can just upgrade.  Reading the release notes and saving your configuration to a file first is always a good idea.


          Gen. 1 units won't run the latest code, I think the last available is A4.11.


          When you upgrade, some configuration commands will change automatically as part of the change process.  For example, the keyword "ip" is added to many commands referencing IPv4 addresses because the unit is now capable of IPv6 as well. This process generally just works.


          One caution is that if you ever go back to an earlier firmware, the configuration modifications made by the upgrade process won't be understood. Earlier firmware will treat the modified commands with "ip" as an error.


          If you have a configuration management system such as RANCID, this won't be an issue.  Otherwise save your existing configurations to a file just in case.

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