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    How can I display the current (working) FSU configuration so I can configure spare FSu units?

    neilski New Member

      Hello.  I have been using Adtran FSU Frame Relay Service Units for many years to connect a Multitech DSU to two 8-Channel Multiplech Multiplexers on a leased 56K line.  I have some spare untis that I want to configure.  I have the user manual and am ready to configure but I can't seem to display what the current configuration is.  I am not technically trained and I don't want to "guess" at the settings but know if I can read the current settings I can do the configuration.  I have tried using the front panel but all choices for each configuration menu seems to show up the same and it isn't clear what my settings are.  Any assistance would be appreciated or any suggestion on who I might go to for assistance.  Thanks.  Neilski