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    providing DID's via SIP

    jkesting Beta_User

      I have a customer who wants us to take over their PRI, on which they have 100 DID's.  We would have to bring service in on a SIP trunk(s) delivered to a TA908e, which would convert the SIP to PRI. What do I need to do to setup the TA908e to use DID's?

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          unified Past_Featured_Member

          If you will be passing all the DIDs to the PBX all you need is an "accept all" rule:


          Example (assuming T02 is the PBX):

          voice grouped-trunk PRI

            trunk T02

            accept $ cost 0



          In the GUI this can be found under Trunk Groups -> The PRI trunk name -> Detailed View - Permit/Restriction Call Templates -> Configure Advanced Templates

          In Template enter $ and click "add".

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