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    Switching SHDSL from ATM to IP

    apenichet New Member

      I am currently researching what options are out there for switching our SHDSL ATM customers off of ATM on a TA3000. Anyone out there have any ideas? I already started migrating customer from DSX cards to MLPPP cards to then switch to IP... Any ideas on SHDSL?

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          andre Employee

          Although the Total Access 3000 has been a solid platform over the years, I think the preferred platform you want to look at is the Total Access 5000.  Hope that is something you are considering for your future growth.


          The Total Access 5000 provides a great IP based Carrier Ethernet solution, with the use of the 32-port eSHDSL modules.  Each loop provides up to 5.7Mbps, dependent upon AWG of the copper and distance.


          The Total Access 5000 32-port eSHDSL modules allow bonding of multiple ports (loops) to create greater bandwidth for customers.


          The Total Access 5000 provides up to 21-Slots, which allows great port density for a large eSHDSL deployment.


          The Total Access 5000 provides Switch Modules with either GE or 10GE uplinks to the core network.  LAG/LACP is supported with Redundant or Non-Redundant modules.


          ADTRAN has a great line of eSHDSL Network Termination Equipment devices.  These are the NetVanta 83x (T) product families.  Options are available to terminate 2, 4, or 8 loops.


          Additionally, the Total Access 1424S-CE and the 1448S-CE can serve both the Head End eSHDSL Aggregator Role and the NTE role.  End-to-End Bookended applications are acceptable as well.  Up to 24 - 48 loops may be bonded together for a wide range of bandwidth options as needed.


          Another reason to consider the Total Access 5000 is the support for other technologies such as VDSL2, GPON, AE, EoTDM, EOF, Packet Optical Networking, etc....


          Let us know if you are interested in these solutions.  You can find technical documents on the Support Community or I will be happy to send you what you need.


          Otherwise, feel free to open a ticket in the support queue and we can address this in more detail.


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            andre Employee

            Did this answer help you at all?


            Please let me know so we can flag the ticket properly.



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              stunorman New Member

              We've deployed dozens of TA-5000 shelves with the 32 e.shdsl cards. Our customers love them, but one thing to keep in mind is that you pretty much have to limit to the deployment to the wire serving area of the office. You can't serve a customer off of a remote if your e.shdsl shelf is in your main office. Even with repeaters, the e.shdsl signal will only go so far.


              To get around this, we usually also deploy the 32 port EFM bonding DS-1 cards along with the e.shdsl cards. You use a Netvanta 81X NID instead of the 83X NID for the e.shdsl, That allows us to reach almost all of our business customers with at least a 12.5 Mb symetrical service, and can then extend MPLS, VLAN, EVPL and EPL type services to the rural customers.


              The speed on an EFM DS-1 service is limited to a maximum of 12.5 MB, but the more rural business customer love the service. It's often all they can get without paying for a fiber optic build.

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                apenichet New Member

                Thanks guys... I already knew of the TA5000 but was just trying to figure out a more of a less expensive solution.