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    Sip traffic issues

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      Our carrier has installed a 3448 p/n 1200821e1( number from the bottom of the unit and text copy of running config).  We are supposed to be allowed 96 SIP call paths through the carrier, is this the correct unit for this?  We are having issues of calls dropping and poor quality of service once we are above 40ish calls.  I have include the rather lacking in details config I received from the carrier.

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          Thank you for asking this question in the support community.  However, since there are so many variables to this application, design, and configuration (such as SBC firmware applications, IP SIP Proxy, pass-through voice, etc.), I think it would be better to open a ticket with ADTRAN Technical Support.  Then when your questions have been answered, you can post the answer back on the forum for further clarification.


          You can create a ticket in several ways:


          - Over the phone by calling 888-423-8726

          - Emailing support@adtran.com

          - Opening a webticket on the ADTRAN website


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              jj27sf New Member

              We finally got the carrier to admit they had a routing mistake when we used wireshark and captured a call coming in on their copper circuit(adtran 908e) and out on the Adtran 3448 to the fiber circuit.  Once all of the traffic got placed on the fiber where it was supposed to be, we are seeing good call quality and have seen 60+ calls at a time.