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    Router Choice

    coriumintl New Member

      Looking for some Guidance. In my thread  At what point should I get a Router instead of lean on my 1534 for L3 routing? I have come to the conclusion that it's time to get a router for my network.


      Mostly the 1534's ARP cache limit of 232 entries is a problem, we are migrating from a 3com 4500G switch which appears to be capable of 2k arp entries.


      looking over the options it seems that a 3205 or a 3348 is what i need to decide on, but I want to make sure I'm picking the right one.


      Comparing the datasheets between the 2, it looks like the 3348 is where I want to be because of it's Switching capabilities.


      We already have a Firewall in place, so we need this router to handle the VLAN interfaces and point the default route to our firewall.


      Is the 3448 what I want, or something else?


      Thanks for the assistance!

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          coriumintl New Member

          Perhaps i'm in the wrong area model wise entirely as I just noticed these routers are not Gigabit. Seems like that would be a bottle neck if i let a 100mb router serve the VLAN interfaces...

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              jhall New Member

              Sorry for dropping out on your last thread. We've been closed for snow for a few days here. The 3448 is a good router but it'll only handle about 70-80mb through it. I'm not sure of your traffic needs but if your going over that or think you will in the next few years I'd look at the 1544 switch or a 1638. I know Adtran is doing a product line update for their routers but it's still a few months away last I heard.

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                  coriumintl New Member

                  snow days from work? what's that? I'm in Grand Rapids Michigan though...


                  We are trying to maintain a Gigabit backbone.


                  On the data sheet for the 1544 it mentions 1000 ARP entries (doesn't designate how they are split around).


                  Looks like it also does the QOS enforcement that we are missing currently with the fleet of 1534's and 123x's we have deployed. That helps confirm that we are currently on QOS tagging.


                  Thanks for the info guys, guess we'll get to acquiring one of these.

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                mtharris Employee

                You are correct on the ARP entries on the 1534 it is 240, that is a Layer 3 Lite switch intended for small networks.  What you need is the NetVanta 1544 P/N 1702544G1 which can handle 512 ARP entries per L3 interface with a total of 2000 for the unit.

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