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    4430 IP Netflow settings

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      Currently, I am seeing my proc queue hit 100 for flow meter logging over a  24hr period of time. Is this service affecting for the overall routing of this device?


      Queue                          Max Depth (%)

      ------------------------------ -------------

      PC Config                                  2

      PacketRouting                             62

      FrontPanel                                 0

      ICP Session                                0

      RouteTableTick                             2

      OSPF                                       0

      IP Events                                  1

      RSTP                                       0

      RSTP                                       0

      IKE                                        0

      IPSecKeyGen                                0

      Flow Meter Logging                       100

      CFM Maint                                  0

      BGP Thread                                 0

      AUTOLINKQ                                  0

      HttpClientQ                                0

      RSTP                                       4

      UDP In                                    17



      Also, should eth0/2 be the source since it is the inside interface or should the source be the WAN interface that I have configured for netflow?


      ip flow export destination xxx.xxx.xxx 2055 source gigabit-ethernet 0/2

      ip flow cache timeout active 1

      ip flow top-talkers


      interface gigabit-eth 0/1

          speed 1000 nonegotiate

        ip address  xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

        ip ffe

        ip mtu 1500

        ip flow ingress

        ip flow egress

        no rtp quality-monitoring

        bandwidth 300000

        qos-policy out sonet

        no awcp

        no shutdown



      interface gigabit-eth 0/2

        description Fast Ethernet

        ip address  xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

        ip ffe

        no shutdown

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          Thank you for asking this question in the support community.  Yes, with this minimal snapshot, the processor appears to be taxed due to the load of routing, combined with the flow meter (traffic monitoring feature).  Here is the Configuring Integrated Traffic Monitoring in AOS guide for reference.  ITM recommendations and limitations start on page 8:


          Using ITM does slightly affect memory and CPU usage on your AOS product. Depending on the amount of available memory, capturing large amounts of traffic flow data may fill up the flow cache. An increase in memory or a reduction in data capture (by using sampling, for example) can alleviate this problem. To keep ITM memory and CPU usage to a minimum, RapidRoute must be enabled on each interface to be monitored using the ip ffe command from the interface configuration mode.


          Please, let me know what additional questions or information you have.  I will be happy to help in any way I can.



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