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    Load balance between SIP trunk accounts

    a210693 New Member

      I have 2 SIP trunk group members in my SIP trunk account

      Is there a way that I can round robin between the group members per call coming in?

      I changed the "Max number calls" for the trunk ID but that has all the calls coming to that trunk group untiil it reaches this number then switches over to the other trunk group.

      I am looking to go between the 2 trunk groups on a call by call basis




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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          Per call coming in would have to be from the other side.  Per call exiting the SIP trunks, something like this should work:


          voice grouped-trunk SIP-OUT-TG

            description SIP trunks outbound

            trunk T01

            trunk T02

            resource-selection circular

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              geo Employee


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