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    ADTRAN Support Community Hall of Fame - jayh


      To say that jayh has been a model citizen in the ADTRAN Support Community is an understatement – he is more like our mayor!  He is a CCIE and works for Impulse Advanced Communications, a service provider based in Santa Barbara, California.  jayh has shared his knowledge and helped many other ADTRAN users.  He joined the ADTRAN Support Community on January 12, 2013.  From the beginning he was eager to respond to posts made by others to see if he could resolve the issue.  In addition to solving many technical problems jayh also shares industry best practices and is an ADTRAN advocate.

      In the community points are awarded for certain behaviors.  In particular, a post or reply is worth 1 point, having your reply marked as a helpful answer by another user is 2 points, and having your reply marked as the correct answer by another user is 4 points. As of April 1st, jayh had 915 points from posting and helping other ADTRAN users.  He has posted over 400 times, with 71 of his replies selected as correct answers, and 83 selected as helpful answers.



      From the day jayh joined he rose through the ranks to the top of the leader board, where he has remained.  He has been an ADTRAN Support Community Featured Member and won the Amazon.com monthly gift card contest.  Best of all, jayh offers constructive feedback to help us improve the community for the benefit of everyone.



      It is our extreme pleasure to officially induct jayh as the inaugural member in the ADTRAN Support Community Hall of Fame.  He was recently on campus at ADTRAN headquarters in Huntsville, Alabama for the 2014 Broadband & Business Solutions Summit.  Tim Saunders, Vice President of Support at ADTRAN, took that opportunity to publicly announce this ADTRAN honor and recognize jayh’s achievement. 




      jayh, you are certainly appreciated and we look forward to your future contributions.  Everyone, please join us in congratulating jayh!