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    Question about the application

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      I currently work for a major corporation.  We have deployed a T3SU at the far end of a DS3 facility that is using PPP encapsulation.  The Router is showing the connection as up/down which means that layer 1 works but layer 2 will not come up.  Is this the correct application for this device or should we be using a different unit?



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          If you are expecting the T3SU to do the PPP encapsulation, then you are using the wrong device. For IP traffic, generally there is a router with a HSSI or V.35 interface connected to the T3SU to do the IP routing and the L2 encapsulation. The T3SU is a layer 1 (CSU/DSU) device for terminating an un-channelized DS3. Any layer 2 encapsulation has to be done by other equipment.


          If this is the wrong hardware and you need help determining what equipment will work in your application, you can call ADTRAN's pre-sales Applications Engineering at 888-423-8726.


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