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    Tagging to T1 interface

    jmikeharvey New Member

      Is there a way now or planned to allow for some sort of tagging to the 908e 2nd Gen?


      Instead of doing PPP for my T1's I want to do some sort of EFM style bonding to the IAD (908e) over my T1 interfaces.

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          You can use frame-relay encapsulation on your T1s and create different PVCs for different services.  The individual PVC sub-interfaces can carry different traffic just like VLANs.  You can also bond fame-relay T1s into multilink bundles for increased bandwidth and redundancy much like multilink PPP. 

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            david Employee

            Mr. Harvey,


            The TA900 series does not support EFM and I know of no plans for that to be implemented.  We have several other product lines that support EFM including the model Jay mentioned, NetVanta 6310/6330, and NetVanta 4660.  If you decide you want information about these products in the future, you should consider calling our Applications group at 888-423-8726 before making your purchase.  Just request to speak to our Pre-Sales group.




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                jmikeharvey New Member

                I was hoping to be able to do T1 EFM to the 9xx series because we have many of them in the field…. The Channelized DS3 card for EFM is a lot cheaper than the MLPPP card and I am trying to move all my T1’s into the TA 5000 in an effort to get rid of my SONET gear I have.


                I need an IAD that is comparable to the 9xx and 9xxE series that can do PRI out, up to 24 POTS and up to two ethernet ports.


                The 6300 series is a lot higher in price than the 9xx series.