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    SIP ALG?

    vmaxdawg05 Past_Featured_Member

      I installed my first NetVanta 4660 as an edge router/firewall.  After installing the router, users complain that their calls are being dropped.  They were working fine with a Netgear router before that .  They have Cisco IP phones and are using Vonage as their hosted provider.  I usually turn off SIP ALG on the firewall when the site has hosted VoIP systems.  That option is completely missing from the AOS on the NetVanta 4660.  The unit is running firmware R10-11-0-E.


      Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated.  I put a call in to Adtran support a couple of hours ago.  Still waiting...

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          dave1942 New Member

          I'm uncertain about the 4660's, but on the NetVanta 4305's the command to disable SIP ALG is "no ip firewall alg sip".

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              vmaxdawg05 Past_Featured_Member

              Right.  Not an option on the 4660.  Thanks

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