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    Adtran 830 and Quad E1 PRA Card

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      I am trying to configure an Adtran 830 with Two Quad E1 PRA Cards and I am

      getting no where.


      The Cards are in Slot 1 and Slot 2.   I have reseated the card several

      times.   I just upgraded the firmware to A.04 via TFTP and the system will

      still not recognize the PRA Cards.


      We moved the devices from region to region to support an upgrade and PBX

      migration and need them to work in an E1 configuration.

      Back of the 830 (Yes the cards are installed in the system, btw -- just the

      pic was taken when I was reconnecting the mux)









      ( We have two of these cards) and they are failing to register with the

      system.   No Lights on the front of the unit.  I do not have the PRA cables

      plugged in yet if that makes any difference.















      The QUAD PRA Module type does not show up.


      Any one have any ideas?


      I have flashed the 830, cold restarted the system, reseated the cards and I

      am at a loss on how to make this work.







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          matthewh New Member

          The pictures did not show up in the post






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              patrick Employee

              Thank you for using the ADTRAN Community Support Forum.


              From your screen shots, if your E1/PRA modules are in slots 1 and 2, then the chassis is not detecting them at all. The modules should be detected whether the PRA cables are connected or not. You have an FXS module in slot 7 and a T1/PRI module in slot 8, so I suggest moving one of those to slots 1 & 2 in order to verify the slot DOES detect known working modules when they are put in those slots. If those modules are detected when they are moved to slots 1 and 2, then the chassis slots are good. If they are not detected then the chassis is bad, and you can try the other slots to determine which slots detect modules and which do not.


              I would also suggest trying the E1/PRA modules in slots 7 & 8 to see if they are detected there. If you insert the E1/PRA module into slot 7 and Menu still shows it as an FXS-8, then the module is not being detected at all. If they are not, then modules have failed. You can look for a physical failure point, but that can be difficult.


              The slot back-plane has pins that the module slides onto in order to make electrical connectivity. So if slots 1 and 2 do not detect any module, then it could be the pins are bent, or there is some other electrical fault on those slots. If the E1/PRA modules are not detected in any slot, there there is some kind of failure on the module.


              Can you verify the part number of those E1/PRA modules?


              Thank you,


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              Since we haven't heard anything back from you, I'm going to mark this question as "assumed answered". If you have additional questions feel free to continue the discussion.