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    Maximum number of fax calls at the same time

    rivera New Member

      We have an IAD model 912 (2nd Gen) with 10 fax lines configured, we are having intermittent fax issue and we like to know if there is constraint in maximum number of fax calls at the same time for this model. See below the version number and an example of the voice user configuration:


      IAD1#sh version
      ADTRAN, Inc. OS version A4.11.00.E
        Mainline Version: M04
        Checksum: 829316F6
        Built on: Mon Jan 23 17:04:51 2012
        Upgrade key: 88f5f8504a6bec29461a51f93ffc8696
      Hardware version DSP7119-2ndGen
      Boot ROM version 14.04.00
        Checksum: 8549
        Built on: Wed Apr 11 15:24:20 2007
      Copyright (c) 1999-2007, ADTRAN, Inc.
      Platform: Total Access 912 (2nd Gen), part number 4212912L1
      Serial number CFG0721735
      Flash: 33554432 bytes  DRAM: 67108863 bytes

      LoosCompany_IAD1 uptime is 9 weeks, 0 days, 18 hours, 10 minutes, 24 seconds

      slot 0, DSP 1
        DSP software version: G2.A4.07.04
        DSP hardware version: Freescale MSC7119
        Total channels: 30

      System returned to ROM by External Hard Reset
      Current system image file is "T900G2A-A4-11-00-E.biz"
      Primary boot system image file is "T900G2A-A4-11-00-E.biz"
      Backup boot system image file is "9212916-20A104.biz"
      Primary system configuration file is "startup-config"


      voice user xxxxxxxxxx

        connect fxs 0/5

        password encrypted "1a1e5b71ee92b5ed6304ce4748ac1c824558"

        sip-authentication password encrypted "1b1f258bde4c9f3b85c50fc983ce3e214e68"