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    Number of PRI channels available on 908e

    stacyg New Member

      Are all 23 PRI channels available on 908e or is it limited to 8 like the FXS ports?

      Customer has a 908e with 23 SIP trunks for SIP\PRI conversion.  Should they have bought a 924e instead or is it just a port limitation on the FXS side?



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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          The 908e model will support two full PRIs (46 channels) as well as the eight analog lines.  There is a possibility of some contention if all 46 PRI channels are in use as well as all 8 of the analog lines, but this would be unlikely.  Total DSP resources is 48 available.


          There's also a 908e-L5 which is less expensive and will only support 24 total DSP resourcess.  This might be a better choice for you if only supporting one PRI with little or no analog usage.


          For that matter, a 904 will also support a full PRI, cheaper yet but only has one Ethernet port and one T1 for data plus the PRI.

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