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    NV3448 WAN Passthrough from eth to switchport


      calvine - There are not any issues that we know of specifically regarding cable modems or Cox and LLDP. The suggestion to disable LLDP comes from the fact that, in our experience, there may be equipment that do not know or are aware of how to handle LLDP packets that are being received.


      Since the ethernet interface is in a bridge-group, the QoS map will not work. As was mentioned above, there is an alternative way to configure what you have setup and remove bridging all together. This can be done by making 3 switchports part of VLAN 998 and using one of them as the WAN interface. The other 2 switchports could be used as passthrough ports as you already have set up. There would be no need to bridge the ethernet and VLAN interfaces together. At that point, you could apply the QoS map to the VLAN 998 interface.


      I hope this answers your questions, but please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any further issues or questions.




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          calvine New Member

          Is it possible to use one or more eth ports in conjunction with the switch ports for WAN pass through?


          We have many routers already deployed with their WAN IP assigned to eth 0/1, and customer equipment connected to switchports.

          Our goal is to keep our router at the top of the customer's network, and allow them to use the remaining IP addresses in their public subnet on their own equipment, behind our router.

          The intention is to do things like QoS, put the voice lan through the Adtran SIP Proxy, while the customer's data lan is going through their own firewall.

          We've been using BVI for the WAN IP, but now we know the BVI doesn't support QoS and breaks the SIP Proxy ().

          We'd also like to reserve eth 0/2 for secondary WAN failover, with the same prospect of pass through & QoS.



          eth 0/1 - Primary WAN interface, ISP gateway

          eth 0/2 - Secondary WAN interface, ISP gateway

          switchport 0/1-0/6, vlan 20, voice lan (IP phones, Adtran SIP Proxy)

          switchport 0/8, vlan ?, pass through for customer equipment (servers, data lan firewall WAN1, etc.)

          switchport 0/7, vlan ?, pass through for customer equipment (servers, data lan firewall WAN2, etc.)